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October 30th, 2013

New Demo Released!

Get the latest demo here. Lots of changes for October's release. The biggest change is the city plot selection when starting a new game. There's also been a lot of changes to the graphics, and a few interface changes. There's also been one minor, but useful addition to the controls: clicking the middle mouse button will change your tool to build whatever you are hovering over (such as rooms, or empty floor). You can see most of the changes to the game in the video below.

October 21st, 2013

Big huge new feature, a city generator. Most of the individual town block graphics are still placeholders, but the major features are done.

What is this for? Well, sky scrapers aren't just built in the middle of nowhere, they tend to be built in a city. The city generation is part of the idea of having a larger city that influences your tower. When you start a new game, a new city is generated. The first thing you do is select a plot of land to build on. Nearby city blocks will determine the sort of demands you'll encounter from the city. Build near commercial buildings, and you'll get lots of visiting office workers from nearby buildings. Build near residential areas, and you'll get lots of stay at home parents. Build in the industrial center, and you'll get lots of workers from the nearby factories.

Eventually, you'll be able to sell your tower, and start in a new empty lot, with the money you earned from the previous tower to help with your new construction.

Bonus image: New art for the bus. A lot of the art in the game is getting a facelift over the next few weeks, as more features get added that require better art, and as the game starts getting more and more polished. The next demo should be coming out next week.

September 28th, 2013

New Demo Released!

Get the latest demo here. A few major changes to the game. First, plugins are now contained in single files. These are simply zip files, and can be opened in any program that can open .zip files. This is a step towards allowing for more customisation in the plugin system, and making it easier to distribute custom room types. One of the other major changes is an increase in map size. Right now maps are still limited to about 40 or 50 tiles across at the moment, but that will likely change. There's also been some changes to the elevator code, which unfortunately has caused some bugs (notably, elevators sometimes ignore people on some floors...) This will continue changing and improving, as well as the interface for handling elevators. There's also been some new features, such as a noise and beauty system, though those have fairly minimal effects at the moment.

August 31st, 2013

New Demo Released!

Get the demo here. There's quite a few changes in this version. A lot of updates and improvements to the interface (more windows, everywhere!), a couple of behind the scenes changes (stats for everything!), and quite a bit of bad graphics! The current version does have bugs. This is a bit of a halfway update to give people a taste of some of the new features, as well as provide an updated version of the game that should hopefully be a bit more stable, and have a bit more going on. However, it's still pretty buggy. As such, sales are still going to be closed until the game has been improved enough. Expect that to occur sometime around December.

August 26th, 2013

Brand new screenshot for you. An example of a fairly tall tower, though it's possible to go much, much higher. The next version is coming out August 31st, and features a whole lot of improvements, upgrades, and content. Follow us on Facebook, or Google+ to keep up to date.

August 23rd, 2013

There's a new version of the game coming very soon. The current goal is to release the next version at the end of this month, August 31st, 2013. I've been hard at work, making progress nearly every day this week, improving the game and polishing various bits. There's been a lot of progress, and there's more stuff happening in the game than previously. If you've been following the Facebook Page, then you'll have seen some of these changes. Many of the changes are related to the concepts of stats. Each person has their own set of stats, which they need to fulfill by visiting various rooms in the tower. Additionally, the tower overall has a set of stats, as does the city you're building the tower in. The city stats will deterimine how big your tower can get, since building too many rooms of a certain type will result in those rooms going unused. There's also been some changes to the graphics and the interface, specifically, the addition of an options menu. This lets you do things like change the difficulty (which will effect the city and your starting money), and a few other things.

A lot of this stuff is still being worked on, and there's definitely going to be some oddities and bugs and other issues. The goal of the release after this one is to polish up these new mechanics and make sure they're interesting. That should occur at the end of September.

Welcome to the Isotower site. In time, more information about the game will be added to this site. Eventually this will be the hub site for everything related to Isotower. For now, check out the screenshot page for some screenshots of the game as it currently stands.

Isotower is a game in the spirit of the 1994 classic Maxis game Sim Tower. It is a game about building a massive skyscraper or a small hotel, or something in between. The goal of the game is up to you to decide, and the game allows you to proceed at your own pace. It is currently in a early stage of development, and is not yet feature complete.