Download the free demo - Windows Only

The demo version is limited to a tower of 15 floors, and does not allow saving or cheats. The paid version allows for a 30 floor tall tower, slightly larger maps, allows for saving, cheats, and supports additional commands via the in-game console. Otherwise, both versions are the same. There are still some fairly major bugs. All attempts have been made to limit the amount of serious bugs (crashes, mostly), but the game is still under development. Do not expect a polished game.


Room Creator - Windows Only

A simple tool used to generater base graphics for individual rooms. You can change tilebase.png to any 2:1 Isometric tile size, and the program should handle it. Press "S" to save the current configuration in a file.

Room Creator Source Code - Created using Code::Blocks

The source code is in C++, and uses SFML 1.6. Distributed under the MIT License.